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Still Going Commando? Men Should Wear Underwear!

Surveys have established that between 5% and 7% of men don't wear underwear (it’s called “go commando” or “freeballing”). Actually, letting your boys hang loose is nothing like going to battle....

Go Commando? Men Should Wear Underwear!

Surveys have established that between 5% and 7% of men don't wear underwear (it’s called “go commando” or “freeballing”). Actually, letting your boys hang loose is nothing like going to battle. There are several reasons that make you feel that underwear is necessary than going commando.

  •  Go commando will suffer from chafing down there

    Your private parts can rub against the fabric your pants or jeans are made of. This can chafe you down there if you move around a lot. But wear underwear can protect sensitive areas of our bodies to be chafed. Besides, the “boys” are very sensitive, and wearing underwear keep things from directly touching them.

    •  Go commando is not especially sanitary

    Hygiene is perhaps the most important answer to the question of why do we wear underwear. Men leak fluids after they use the restroom, which might cause some problems and even illness if without underwear. Underwear allow sweat, and other body leaks and secretions to be kept away from the outer clothes, which is sanitary.

    •  Go commando offers no such support to your boys

    Underwear serves a useful purpose which could give your boys enough support. From ancient to nowadays, males have always needed support down there for any active lifestyle. Imagine jogging without underwear, unbelievable!

    •  Go commando are unable to avoid the embarrassing situations

    Most people don’t want random people to easily see a random erection or bulges in your pants. In the case of stretchy or thin outer garments, there will be a very clear outline of your private area, particularly if you have an erection. When you have underwear on, the outline of your privates is minimized. As a bonus, you won’t have to worry about sensitive areas moving around while performing physical activities or doing sports.


    In a whole, here are more problems while going commando rather than being in underwear. We know uncomfortable undies makes men feel that way, so they decide to go commando. This is why, it is important to choose the right fit and design of undies. Let’s try Separatec dual pouch underwear, if you get the perfect fit for yourself, you won't need to go commando.

    13 comments on Still Going Commando? Men Should Wear Underwear!
    • Mike
      MikeJuly 31, 2020

      That big long comment front hat woman Treila. Laughing as much as the main article.

      Of down there is gross, maybe she is never touching such parts from her boyfriend/fiancé/husband.

      I was sometimes free balling. I am doing all the time since a few month now.
      She knows nothing.
      Unsanitary ?
      I am more clean now than when I was wearing underwear. When wearing underwear, and getting sweaty, the sweat was also in the pants. So you had to change both anyway.
      Another big thing, with underwear, sometimes you can get skin pinched, and you have to adjust it. Since free balling, o such issue anymore.

      Love when a woman is telling a guy why he should not freeball. LOL. Like they knew better than us what we have there.

      As of today, if going to see the doctor, or anyone else, I will not change anything. Will go freeballing. And I don’t see that as a lack of respect.

      In the past, I had something like a cyst close to the genitals and I had to remove my underwear anyway. It’s a doctor, and nurses. Common, looking at a body is natural for them.

      Anyway. Don’t want to go back.

    • jay
      jayJune 27, 2020

      I love going freeballing .I go coomanando all the time love it but went I go to church,or dr. office I put on underwear. I go to bed out underwear,too been doing this for the last 4 year ad love not have underwear ,if u have not done this u will like it, mone and mone guy is doing this a lot .

    • CJ Mercline
      CJ MerclineFebruary 09, 2020

      Wow, shocking that a company that sells underwear wouldn’t want people to not wear underwear! What’s this world coming to? Hope they paid you well for this P.O.S. “article”. The writer is a woman, yes? I can tell, because most guys know better than to believe anything of what you say.

    • Dylan
      DylanJanuary 19, 2020

      I like going commando and wearing thin pants it’s more comfortable than underwear

    • Treila Korn
      Treila KornOctober 26, 2019

      Theres A time too free Balling and theres Time not too Free Balling.Which I wouldent Recommend it .Because You wouldent Be able too Try on paints of any kind or certain outer guarments. Its very Unsanitary and very highly risk of giving Some one else an infection.Due too not wearing Underwear While Trying on bottoms of any kind.Also Its very unatractive as well as veryunhealty.Do Free Balling at home with wearing nothing too bed .And aroumf the house and out sode your Yard.Also Safty as well theres no protection what so ever Between your aPaints and your privet parts.Some one can come along and kick you and severly injuring the area no matter if Your A male or Female Say Good bye too them. Also its just down right nasty why. Let your junk show.Obvously Women dont have that issue unless they are wearing A mini skirt and nothing under the mini skirt it self.And who would want Some ones bare ass and genatiles too touch the seat which is quite nasty .And very unsanitary Grooose.At lest the kilts cover the butt and the gential area" And not anywhere touching the seat or cousion of the bus.or other seating areas And when the men go playing with themselves or adjusting themselves or itching themselves.Underwear would be much more ddisgreat then not having anything on.So it wouldent Be so obvious

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