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New Year’s Resolutions, Underwear’s Version

New year, New Me!

Indeed, you have new year’s resolutions like start healthy eating, get a dream job, travel the world, succeed in a relationship or friendship goals. Just like you need new year goals for yourself, I (Your underwear) need attention too. When I am new, how do I feel to you? - my elastic is stretchable; color is bright, and the fabric feels soft and fresh.

But after a few washes you find I am faded, my skin (fabric) feels saggy and elastic dropping like temperature drops in Antarctica. Unfortunately, you have to give up on me, and you most probably rush towards the menswear store to buy a new one before it stocks out at the end of the new year sale.

It almost feels impossible to retain the feel and look of your just bought underwear in the long run. This happens because most guys ignore the washing instructions written on me. Blaming time and busy schedules only lead to unfitted and nasty underwear. If you are not investing a few extra minutes in washing me, you’ll have to invest a few extra bucks every week buying my friends.

What if superstition says my color will determine your next 365 days?  Hopefully, you don’t want to spend 2021 as you spent 2020. Do you? Make sure you take due care while washing me to keep my color as bright as new.

Spending More Time with Friends: Use Gentle Detergent! 

No hangouts with friends in 2020? Sounds ungentle and harsh! Your friends give a gentle and fragrant touch to your life. Same is the case with me, friend. When you wash your underwear with the mild detergent, you feel clean and fresh while wearing it.

The best way to protect my inner self is to keep myself away from fabric softener and bleach. These cleaning agents can make my fabric baby soft, but they can be the sweat nightmare for my softness and your area down there.

Since the underwear’s microfiber is already soft, there is no need to burden your inner friends with harsh chemicals. Instead, using chemical-free detergent could be the best way to wash your underwear. So be a little gentle with me this year so that I can help you look more gentleman!

Be More Independent: Dry Myself Without Help from Dr Dryer! 

You air dry your hair to make them look healthy, so why not air dry me? Your innerwear!

Look, your undies need to breathe too! Hot dryers could be the oven for me that takes my elasticity away, resulting in saggy fabric and dull colors.


Another best way to wash your underwear is to air dry them to keep them fluffy and soft. Though this drying process takes time, but believe me, it’s worth it! It can make me look new while make you feel comfortable at the same time; besides, it can make me last longer. Make a new year’s resolution to air dry me!

Stay Away from Negative Energy: Socks and Others!

Sometimes, it’s challenging to remove negative people from your life, but it’s not difficult to separate me from your clothing league. Take my advice, keeping or washing your undies separate from your smelly socks and other stinky clothing items can maintain my color and enhance my life.

Don’t ever wash me with my enemy socks or other stuff. Please give me some space to breathe!

A separate area is ultimately your underwear's freedom and your right to experience healthy experience down there.

Wrap up

Now that you have got the idea of how to keep me clean, soft, and colorful in the long run. Not only this, but you can also save some dollars. Think from my perspective, just as you need to avoid negatives from your life, I need it too! You can achieve this resolution by adopting the best ways of washing your underwear.


Maintaining hygiene is equally important to wash your underwear, and therefore, it will be best to wear different underwear every other day to maintain cleanliness. Checkout Separatec’s colorful everyday boxer briefs/cotton 7pack to get the best value and hygiene every day at excellent prices!

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