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Is it healthy to sleep in fitted boxer briefs? I saw this interesting question on Quora today, a lot of people discuss and follow this issue.


Andrew Drew Andersen agree to sleep in fitted boxer briefs, he thought:"Generally speaking, as a man it makes no difference if you wear to bed. As long as you are comfortable, it really doesn’t matter. Now, it is nice once in a while to let the boys breathe and get some air, just like it’s wise for women to allow air to that area."


But some people hold different opinion. Ruby Dooby thought " Not fitted I’d say. Things need to air and you don’t want a build up of moisture."


So is it really healthy to sleep in fitted boxer briefs? Here we analyse some points with you:


1. Is it breathable for your “boys”?

It depends on the materials, choosing the breathable and soft one could be good for men sleeping with fitted boxer briefs, so we recommend you to try out the bamboo and quick-dry ones.

quick-dry fabric bamboo fabric


2. Is the design scientific and conforms to men's body structure?

Two pouch design is based on men’s physiological structure, which could perfectly solve the problems that exist in the general underwear. The principle is that a front pouch for penis, a support pouch for scrotum, trough these two pouch could separate men's "boys", no more squeeze and no more pain.characteristics of separatec underwear
underwear pouch system

In a whole, we recommend you to wear high-quality boxer briefs with the scientific design for men's body structure, it is not only good for your body, but also give you a comfortable sleeping experience.

Also, if you have different opinions, comment below to share with us!

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Quora Original question: https://bit.ly/2IUpitI

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Erich Dilbeck
Erich Dilbeck

August 16, 2019

Just ordered them, I heard they suck live.


January 11, 2019

I love your underwear, but I cannot wear them to bed. During the night, it is natural to get erections. Your design forces me to be pointed down, and it gets uncomfortable and wakes me up.


January 09, 2019

need the size chart to work, cant get it to open and want the low ride ones as I have a beer pounch. love the idea of seperate pouches. not just a flap, a pouch, that covers the penis and a sack to contain the balls seperate

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