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Looking Back at 2020, From Underwear’s Viewpoint


“How It Started” and “How It’s Going” meme is the perfect portrayal of 2020. Amid the pandemic, many things happened this year. From curation of endless ‘Zoom Meetings’ to ‘Virtual Fashion Shows’, we both

‘Me’ and ‘My Wearer’ experienced pretty unusual things in 2020.

Like we have witnessed this year’s craziness, men’s fashion has drastically changed as well. From weather-proof sneakers to the beanie jackets, men are now more inclined to embrace fashion that is cool and comfortable. But I (Your Underwear) will never be out of fashion and you are always going to need me. 

If we look back at 2020, nobody likes “I have worn my underwear for 20 years” person, especially now. People are now more concerned about their comfort and health while selecting innerwear. Men preferences are changing, so the underwear industry is coming up with the plethora of fabric options for making underwear like rayon, modal, cotton silk and polyester.

Furthermore, one should wear undies according to the seasons of the year. I always prefer the comfort and hygiene of my wearer, so it should be your priority to upgrade myself as per the season’s needs so that you can rock any look inside out. 

Jan-Mar: Everything Seems Come to an End

In this period, we thought we would not survive anymore in this world due to COVID-19, but we did. Like you were staying home, I, your old winter underwear, was also staying in your wardrobe waiting to come outside to take some fresh air.

No matter if you are staying home or going outside, it’s time to take me out from your wardrobe so I can make you feel warm and dry again. If you don’t have beneficial inner pieces like me, there is no need to worry because Separatec’s supersoft Boxer briefs/colorful micro medical Plush 2 pack is here for the rescue.

These boxers come in a pack of two and a patented dual pouch technology for extra support and space. With breathable cotton, it ensures hygiene and gives an appropriately dry environment for winters. If you are ready to witness super comfortable experience daily with bold, vibrant colors, buy Separatec supersoft Boxer briefs/colorful micro medical Plush 2 pack now!

Apr-Aug: Hot Weather and Hot Feelings

You have put your recent picture on the Instagram captioning “Feeling Hot and Staying Home”, but aren’t you feeling hot in this 54℃? You were wearing breathable and summery T-shirts and trousers, but did you take care of your buddy down there?

Nothing is worse than wearing underwear that feels restrictive and overly tight during hot weather due to lack of airflow. It may cause me breathing problem while making chafing a serious problem for my wearer. 

I know you experienced this problem back in 2020, but all of these problems will be gone this year by getting your hands on Separatec’s QuickDry Boxer Briefs/AirMesh 8 Inch 2pack. This product could be the life savior as the fabric is light weighted and gives a cooling sensation. Patented dual pouch ensures hygiene, health and colors so bold that bring out your inner strength. Avoid odor build-up resulting from perspiration in the hot weather and let me make you feel cool and cozy this summer. 

Sept-Dec: Feeling Okay and Trying to be Positive

Till this time, you were feeling calm and okay. You’ve learned a lot and discarded all the harsh memories and took a step forward.

You became an upbeat version and made better choices. You did new year shopping and modified your outfit style to change your styling game.

However, if you didn’t upgrade my (your underwear) game in 2020, you can now! Select this fantastic Separatec’s colorful everyday Boxer Briefs/cotton 7 packs. This bundle pack of 7 is impressive for everyday wear to help maintain hygiene. With maximum softness, it comes in a good design and excellent fit.

‘2020 was too long to get rid of boring undies, and 2021 is too short to wear boring undies!’

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