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How do you know if your underwear is too small for guys?

Being uncomfortable in your underwear is one of the worst feelings. Regardless of whether you are just chilling in the house or you are out having fun with your friends, the feeling of being in some tight underwear can ruin the fun. What you wear down there, be it boxer shorts, jockstraps, or briefs, is going to determine how you feel all day and is likely to affect your childbearing in the future. If not addressed, tight underwear is likely to pose a serious health risk than you think over time. From issues such as urinary tract infection to reflux disease to blood flow problems and even low sperm count.

Not only do we undertake to deliver the best underwear but also take it upon ourselves to advice on how to take good care of your most precious assets by helping you establish whether your underwear is too small for you. The earlier you notice the signs that your underwear does not fit you right will save you from health risks as well as discomfort while on your night out with friends. The following signs might help you keep track of when to upgrade some fresh undies.

Leg Bands

The underwear’s leg band is a factor that can help one know when the underwear is not their size. The right underwear should not have leg bands that dig into your thighs.

Tender testicles

One of the key indicators that your undies are too tight is if your testicles feel tender. Your tight skivvies could be the cause for this and you should not only trash them for new undies that are conducive for your man box but also see a urologist.


Your underwear should always have waistbands that have a good grip. If the underwear has a waistband that does not fit well it is a sign that the underwear is not the right size. The underwear should not keep slipping every time someone bends over. It should not keep being readjusted this is a sign that the underwear is not the right size.

They Pinch your Penis

If your undies pinch your penis, squash your sack or ride up too far, it is a clear sign that they are too tight and that you may need to upgrade. This is a painful ordeal and you should not take chances as your precious family jewels need to be comfortable.

They are too small

Due to washing undies quite often, they are bound to shrink especially if they are made of cotton. Ditch any too small undies if you don’t want to cut off your blood circulation.

They feel uncomfortable

Although it might seem too obvious, in case you have a pair of underwear that feels uncomfortable, you should throw them away.         

Separatec has ensured that these factors are considered when making the perfect underwear for men by ensuring there is adherence to the ST size. The underwear is also made with the right materials and with a technology that helps all men stay comfortable in them.

The box brief trouser legs have got many advantages and are generally preferred by most men. The main one being that they are classy, flashy, and very fashionable underwear. They are not as revealing as briefs and that is another reason that makes them even more lovable. This underwear is also very protective of the skin especially for men who move a lot of those that are athletic. This is because they protect the skin from the friction and rubbing that comes between thighs during movement. For this reason, most men find it better to wear these types of boxers. Separate has made these box brief trouser legs even better by making sure they make the underwear with breathable materials that ensure they are comfortable when worn. The material is also leg stay to prevent the underwear from rolling up when someone wears trousers or other clothes.

Boxer briefs also cover the inner thighs and help to support and holding everything together unlike the other types of underwear. With the Separatec boxer briefs, this has been enhanced by making sure that there is dual pouch underwear that ensures that each part has its own space. The support pouch provides an independent lift to the scrotum while the front pouch provides enough space for the penis making it even more comfortable that the man you do not have to keep readjusting your underwear when you have jeans or other pants on. They are also made of moisture-wicking materials that ensure that they stay dry hence leaving the man feeling comfortable and fresh all day. These box brief trouser legs provide the much-needed support as they ensure they are not too tight. Men can therefore enjoy a full day hassle-free wearing.

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