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We all know that Superman wears underwear but have you ever wondered why Superman wears underwear outside his pants? Are you curious to know what does it tell? Is there any secret behind wearing underwear over pants?

Well, the secret is revealed now!

Superman is a superhero widely known for having unlikely courage and talent to perform great feats while fighting crimes. Superman wears underwear in Kryptonian fashion. Underwear on thighs serves as a symbol of strength, endurance, and extra manliness.

Some of you might find it funny that Superman wears his underwear on the outside. Maybe someone did not tell him to wear in under his pants. And it took Superman almost 70 years to realise that underwear should be worn under his clothes, but you are smarter than Superman, right?

Many of you might think of it as totally stupid. Well, who would like to wear his underwear outside his outfit? It is ridiculous, isn’t it? But some of you will be amazed to know that wearing underwear on the outside of pants is not ‘Stupidity’ but the symbol of ‘Strength’ and ‘Bravery’ for superheroes?

Inspired by the spirit of Superman, his bravery, and colourful underwear, Seperatec has specifically designed comfy underwear for men using its unique and separated dual pouch technology. Our ‘Colourful Cotton Boxer’ keeps your intimate parts separate and comfortable. For all men with a unique sense of style, these stylish briefs come in 7 different cool colours so that you can wear a different colour every day of the week.

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