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Hey guys! Today when I was browsing on Quora, there was an answer deeply impressed me, so I decided to share it here with you.

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Title: What If All Underwear Were Humans? What Would They Look Like?

men's underwear

Briefs: You are the old 60 year old who has seen it all in life. You can be a little rough around the edges but overall you are a comfortable person to be with. You are considered sometimes boring and forgetful and is often taunted for your lack of passion but deep down you know you have a system that has worked since a long time.

A negative trait that is often used against you is that you are a little clingy.

Boxer Briefs: The charismatic handsome middle aged man who is the most pleasant individual among the lot. You juggle between sports, office meeting and your kids soccer games with equal panache and is the crowd favorite.

Negative Trait: You take in a lot of social fabric which sometimes creates negative air around.

Trunks: You are a hybrid between the middle aged man and the old guy with all the good qualities of the two. You have the experience of the old man and the youth of the middle aged man. You are in your twenties, you are in fashion and generally up to date with everything around you.

Only negative trait is that you often act a little pricey.

Boxers: You are free spirited and carefree. You are a pretty relaxed person and often not influenced by other people or by the norms of society. You could be the young teenage video game addict or the 70 year old nudist at the beach. You come from all phases of life and have your own internal code of values

You're often criticized for your loose personality.

Men G-string /Thongs: You are mostly in your early twenties, without a job and smoking weed the whole day. You are mostly a night owl who has weird fetishes and is considered an outcast and can be the most uncomfortable person to be around people.

You have no good traits for there is no sane reason for men to be wearing a G-string.

Going Commando: Often touted as free spirits or Hippies you are an unique individual who lives your life according to your own beliefs and dreams. You could be an artist, an entrepreneur or sometimes called the rebel of the society. People may not support you but you create your own support system to carry your personality around.

Only negative trait is that you are considered a low lying fruit of the society.

What kind of underwear are you?

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May 21, 2018

Midway brief 2 pouch system nothing else except commando.

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