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share to win

If you like Separatec two pouch underwear and want to share your shopping/wearing experience with other customers, now do it! You'll have a chance to win free products and cash prize! Attention! It's not cash coupons which you have to use on our website, it's cash that we'll send to you through PayPal. Now let's see how to win the prize.


How to enter:

First, make a video, it should not be very long, just a few minutes short reviewing or trying on video will be great.

Second, post the video on your social media account and tag us, both YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are counted.


How to win:

  1. We will share your video on our Facebook page, and let our followers vote for it. The more votes you get, the higher you'll rank.
  2. Customers rank at 4 to 13 (10 customers in total) can win a box of our 3 pack underwear, both boxer briefs and trunks are available.
  3. Customers rank at top 3 can get $100 cash prize. Our customer service will contact you and send you the cash through PayPal, PayPal fee will be covered by us.


Event Time:

May 28, 2018 to June 16, 2018.


Winners name list will be announced on Father's Day (June 17) on our website and Facebook page, prizes will be sent out during the following week.


If you like our products, don't hesitate, come share your shopping/wearing experience and win the prize!


If you don't know what you should display in your video, click here to check the examples. 


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Justen Hill
Justen Hill

February 19, 2019

Your products are great if you need real customers to try new products and review them I’m your guy thanks again

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