How it works | Inner

If you have never heard of Separatec dual pouch underwear before, you will be impressed by the unique design at first sight. But you may also wonder if it's really necessary to have dual pouches. So, to resolve your doubts, let's compare conventional underwear and Separatec dual pouch underwear together. First, let's study how it works.


    Different from traditional underwear, Separatec underwear is designed with patented dual pouch technology. 

    • The support pouch can provide an independent lift for your scrotum and the fine fabric is breathable, making pain and varicocele things of the past.
    • The front pouch will provide enough space for your penis so it can move with you for complete freedom; no more stickiness, no more readjusting.
    • With separated dual pouch technology, each part of your anatomy has its own space, which eliminates friction and keeps you cool and fresh.

    After this simple comparison, do you have a better understanding of Separatec underwear? If you have never tried dual pouch underwear before, don’t miss out any longer. Once you wear it, you'll be unable to live without it!