Quick Dry Open Fly Functional Athletic Boxer Briefs 3 Pack

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Size: S
Color: Black/NavyBlue/DarkGray
  • Patented dual pouch technology designed for extraordinary support with extra space, provides an appropriately dry environment with separation to ensure the hygiene and health of your buddy.
  • Ultralight air-mesh fabric to eliminate heat and stickiness.
  • Functional fly serves as an easy answer when nature calls.
  • Light-weighted, soft, and supportive fabric allowing absolute comfort.
  • 6.5-inch boxer briefs, no riding up and rubbing thighs.


Fabric: 77% Polyamide, 23% Spandex

!! Due to the frequent upgrading of fabrics, the ratio of ingredients is for reference only. !!


Gentle cycle with cold water in machine wash/ Hand wash.

Size: S
Color: Black/NavyBlue/DarkGray

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Gentle cycle with cold water in machine wash/ Hand wash.

Customer Reviews

Based on 749 reviews
Never E.
Good fly & pouch, but uncomfortable crotch panel & stitching

I've purchased 3-packs of two similar Quick Dry boxer briefs, models STMNKX22020-30301M (the standard, bottom fly style, offered as a black/gray/red trio and pictured here with red stitching) and these ST511X-BLNBDG4 (the "open fly" style, offered as a black/gray/blue trio and pictured here with gray stitching). They're similar, but not identical, and each has its positive and negative aspects.

They both use the same thin, stretchy material made from approximately 80% polyamide and 20% spandex. I love this material because it's light weight, breathable, form fitting, and VERY stretchy. It doesn't sag after a full day of active use. It isn't see-through unless you back light it.

Both styles have the lower front flap that hooks over the end of your ****. This "open fly" style also has two vertical openings on either side that I find easier to use at the urinal when operating through the fly on my blue jeans. I like the horizontal fly and **** pouch design. The single layer of material with an opening on the bottom doesn't restrict the air flow, growth, or movement of my ****, which is both comfortable and fun. It does take a little practice to get just the right amount of overlap (underlap?) of the fly when I'm done at the urinal, but that's minor.

My biggest complaint about the standard fly style is that the ball pouch is barely a pouch at all, and doesn't provide nearly enough room to hold your balls without pushing them up high against your body. This open fly style has a ball pouch that's twice as roomy and could cup your balls nicely IF it extended backward farther. The problem is that this open fly style has a fabric panel that runs side-to-side along the inside of each leg and under the crotch. The stitching along the front of this flat panel defines the back of the ball pouch, and it's about an inch farther forward than it should be. The stitching cuts into my **** uncomfortably, especially when seated. The standard fly style has no such panel, and the fly material extends back way behind the mid point of my crotch.

Unfortunately, because the standard ball pouch is so small, it still allows my balls to stick to my thighs, which is the main problem I was trying to solve by purchasing these undies. I find that they're more comfortable if I pull my balls out through the **** hole, completely separating them from my thighs. I either let them hang free or tuck the fly flap down under them if I need modesty. The bottom of that hole tugs slightly forward when I'm seated, but not enough to be uncomfortable in the standard style. This open fly style's hole is about 1/4" smaller, which makes the fit noticeably tighter. Hanging them outside does leave all of the pouch material wadded up loosely behind my **** (more so with this open fly style, of course), but that hasn't proven to be a problem.

Another difference is the style of stitching used around the fly. The standard fly style uses narrower, softer stitching that's plenty comfortable when it sits in the valley beside your ****. This open fly style uses a wider, 3-row stitch that's a little stiffer and is noticeably uncomfortable when it's tucked into that valley.

Overall, while I love the side-access "open" fly with its larger pouch, This style just has too many other problems. I'll be returning them and buying another set of standard fly boxer briefs.

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Fantastic design

Love the design of this underwear, it is on of my favorites love how it keeps my balls in one place and my sausage in another.

Precision M.a.R.
Absolutely amazing!

Love the way they fit. I was unsure when ordering if they would fit and be comfortable. Everything fits perfectly, pouch and separate front pouch , 'it' slides right into it's spot and stays there all day. Even during vigorous activity!

Kevin C.

Great feel and perfect for summer months, keeps the twig and berries cool and not sticking to my legs. Ordered the other 2 styles in different materials to make my final decision. So far I’m very pleased.

Steve M.

Since losing 30 lbs, I decided to order a new set in Mediums rather than Large. OMG...It was like I was discovering Separatec for the first time. I was excited, stimulated and supported the whole entire Day.. Thanks Guys!!!

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