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The Benefits of Men's Briefs

June 21, 2018 2 min read 1 Comment

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There are many benefits to wearing briefs for men. Briefs are the classic high leg opening cut underwear. Low-rise briefs sit below the natural waistline on the hips, about three inches below the belly button, which are great options for men out there that enjoy wearing low-rise jeans, workout pants and shorts.

Briefs are tight, which offer a lot of support and due to the elastic keep your genitalia at a higher temperature, and save you from the embarrassment of getting an inadvertent erection. Briefs keep a strong grip on the pouch even in times of athletic activities, particularly good for running or concealing erections. Furthermore, they are less likely to show through your pants if you are wearing skinny jeans. That’s a reason why briefs are the more popular choice. It’s because they’re best for going out. Separatec dual pouch briefs have better room for your scrotum and are more comfortable.


Briefs are an excellent option for people that do not like the freedom that boxers give them. Underwear are known for providing the wearer a snug fit that will prevent their man parts from hanging to low or dangling around. Briefs are also very easy to wear with practically anything, as they will not clash.


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Separatec briefs are fashionable and comfortable with good support. They typically don’t have a fly and so they look better. Even for an overweight guy, the low rise keeps them from golfing over under your belly.


Briefs typically come in plain fabrics, Separatec chooses the highest fabric which make them a very easy option when you're getting ready for go outside for a long time. 

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