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Underwear is one of the most personal and private men's wear options. In the selection of underwear, therefore, comfort is paramount, and while many men prefer one form of underwear, choosing a fabric based on the day's operation makes greater sense. There are various choices on the market today for the selection of underwear and fabrics, and Separatec is one of them which offers a significant accomplishment in men's underwear.

In the past, cotton was historically the only cloth used to produce man's underwear. Yet in recent times, the underwear market for men has seen plenty of fabric creativity with diverse preferences and technical advances. Some of the main materials used are cotton, nylon, modal material, rayon, polyester, and silk. They are alloyed to the right degree with the material to ensure consistency, comfort, and strength on the side of sufficient versatility. Some of the best fabrics for underwears are mentioned below


Cotton is highly light and fluffy. The underwear created from this fiber is thus comfortable. The material has small pores that allow well breathing. For the next level of ventilation and airflow, cotton underwear provides a relaxed feel. The most common choices are cotton and modal underwear. In addition, cotton is a common underwear fabric around the world due to its low price tag. You can also check the Separatec  cotton men’s collection.


Modal is a semi-synthetic fiber from beech trees cellulose. This type of fabric can absorb up to 50% more water than cotton, making it a favorite of men's underwear.


It is a generic name for the artificial polymers family. Polymer fiber is the second cloth most commonly used for men in the underwear business, based on organic and chemical acids. The quality of the nylon makes the undergarments of this fabric sturdy.


This fabric has many characteristics, including cotton and other natural fibers. This was unusually used in the summer. It is currently used in the production of underwear for men.


Trust Separatec: the more you know about fabrics, the better you’ll feel and the better you feel, the better your underwear looks.



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