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Stylish Botanical and Ocean Printed Bamboo Rayon Boxer Briefs 3 Pack $36.99 $33.29
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Valentines Bamboo Rayon Heart Prints Boxer Briefs 3 Pack $36.99 $33.29
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How Dual Pouch Works
How Dual Pouch Works
How Dual Pouch Works

What is the Dual Pouch

Not only is there an eggs basket (pouch) here, but it is also designed with a "banana" hole for your "banana" (third leg) to pass through to complete the separation of your "man part".

Where Do I Put The Banana

Simply put, take the "banana" through the hole to the outside room to keep it free.


Where Do I Support The Eggs

Leave the "eggs" in the inside room to support them.

The breathable barrier should comfortably separate the "banana" from "eggs" in their natural resting positions without sweaty.

How To Get Everything In Place

It's a new sensation and you may want to shift the undergarment forward or backward to find your personal position for maximum comfort.

How I Feel

You know it's the right spot when you feel as if you're wearing nothing at all.

How Can I Answer Nature's Call Quickly

The "banana" pouch is actually a flip-up hood-style fly that allows you to quickly answer nature's call by simply flipping it upwards.

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Dual Pouch

Quick Dry Undies For Your Sport & Travel

Quickly absorbs sweat from the skin and evaporates without burdening the skin. It is a good partner for your sports and traveling.


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