Colorful Everyday Trunks/Cotton 7Pack

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Mixed Color
  • Patented dual pouch technology designed for extraordinary support with extra space provides an appropriately dry environment with separation to ensure the hygiene and health of your buddy.
  • New day new color, mood-boosting color everyone needs.
  • Base the maximum comfort on soft, breathable cotton.
  • The well-built design promises great support and excellent fit.
  • 2.5-inch trunks, no riding up and rubbing thighs.
  • Best Gift for loved ones.                


Fabric: 96% Cotton, 4% Spandex


Gentle cycle with cold water in machine wash/ Hand wash

    Height: 6'1''. Waist: 33''.
    Model is wearing a size Medium.

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    Football Beefy Leg Comfort

    Once again, loving the Separatec versions of different styles. Bought the weekday trunks, and they are perfect for jeans and shorter shorts. The trunks make more room for the leg that is a little beefier, and needs less fabric. Very nice to have the different lengths for wardrobe choices. The separate ball, and cock room is always welcome. I've chatted with my smaller friends, and they say their only concern is that they seem to pop out, of the cock hole. Think if Separatec offered a tighter hole version, it might make everyone happy. Both growers, and smaller men would definitely benefit. I'm definitely not having that problem. All I deal with, is the stares at my crotch, as it pushes it forward......and i love that !!!

    Separating, stimulating, enhancing and all around amazing

    As the title says, they separate, keeping things from sticking at the gym. They are also stimulating during the day. Maybe it's due to the hug the front pouch seems to provide, who knows. They definitely make things appear much nicer, even my partner agrees, "beguiling in a way" was the response. You can't go wrong that's for sure. Don't kid your self. Order your actual size and not the size you want to be or imagine your self to be and things will stay where you put them. In the last ten days I have been wearing them I have noticed it has become second nature to put them on. I pull the on like my traditional briefs and things slip right into place. Hands free.

    My dick has never been happier!

    I was reluctant because anything other than 100%
    Cotton feels like my junk is smothering and overtly sweaty. These are the real deal. Not sweaty at all and very breathable. The dick pouch with opening at bottom is outstanding. My only complaint is that I waited too long to buy these.

    Simply the best

    These are hands down the best underwear for men on the market. Period. If you as a man look at these and laugh or dismiss them, it’s obvious that you don’t have a problem. Also obvious is that your penis sits atop your scrotum like a tiny mushroom on top of a grassy knoll. That’s the only way you can be comfortable walking around without separation. I, on the other hand, was always naggled and adjusting throughout the day. Now it feels like my penis is in zero gravity. I even wear compression shorts over them and still. The temp down there is a confirmed 10 degrees cooler.. seriously. No odor after a 36 hour shift. No embarrassing wiiiddee steps to dislodge my balls whilst walking. No more balls being stuck to my leg on those loose-ball-hot summer days. More testosterone production. No wedgies or wiiiddee legged stances or even man spreading. like How Separatec?? I even wore a used pair over some clean regular boxer briefs.. nice ones too. >sigh< I now have 12 pair so I can throw away all of my “name brand” underwear.

    First time buyer!

    Absolutely satisfied with my purchase and will be getting more shortly! Most comfortable undies I've ever worn!