SuperSoft Boxer Briefs/Printed Micromodal Plush 2Pack

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  • Patented dual pouch technology designed for extraordinary support with extra space, provides an appropriately dry environment with separation to ensure the hygiene and health of your buddy.
  • Breathable cotton combined with soft micro modal.
  • Stylish camo print designed with 38mm silky texture waistband.
  • Superior quality made for a relaxing and durable wearing
  • Low rise 6.5-inch boxer briefs. No riding up and rubbing thighs. Designed for daily wear.


Fabric: 45% Cotton, 45% Micro Modal, 10% Spandex


Gentle cycle with cold water in machine wash/ Hand wash

    Height: 6'1''. Waist: 33''.
    Model is wearing a size Medium.

    How Separatec WorksMicroModal Cotton Blend Soft Comfy Boxer Briefs materialMicroModal Cotton Blend Soft Comfy Boxer Briefs feature

    Customer Reviews

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    breathable and lightweight

    "This fabric is awesome just when I think you guys can’t possibly get any better u do! It’s very breathable and lightweight feels like your wearing nothing at all! The stylish color pattern is very appealing and refreshing from your other choices. The fabric feels like silk on ur skin!! The dual pouch system is still a success and keeps everything separated and cradled all day long working in the heat! The one suggestion that I would like to make is different size ball pouches I am a well endowed person and was curious if as well as waist bands u would offer different sizes for the pouch that hold ur balls. This would provide a more personal fit depending on the mans size. This is just a suggestion and would definitely not stop me from only wearing ur product like I currently do all the time!!!

    Attached are some pics!!


    I looked at the tag and saw that these were a combination of cotton, micro modal, and spandex. It gives these shorts a very different feel from the other pairs I have. They feel very soft (not quite as soft as pure micro modal), and they feel very snug (but not restrictive). I feel like they give extra support in the crotch (they made my bulge look smaller, which can be a good or bad thing). The slight shine is also attractive - makes them look expensive. I would definitely get another pair with this material.

    The waistband is interesting for two reasons: The low-rise cut and the shiny silver fabric. I know that a lot of people asked for low-rise underwear in your reviews online. I did not really like the low-rise cut when I first tried it on (kept trying to pull it up), but as I got used to it I realized that it made these underwear much sexier than the other pairs. My wife said they look attractive on me. I think it is a good addition, but I would like to see it as optional (not everyone will want that style). The silver waistband was surprising, and again I was not sure how I liked it, but now it has grown on me and I think it makes these underwear look very special. I do like it.

    Just so you know - my wife is very jealous of me for having such great fabric and construction in my underwear! She asked me whether you made underwear for women! :)

    how cool the material is

    I really appreciate the thicker waist band. It did tend to roll down still but I believe that is due to my belly. Being an unfit, bigger than most guy, these briefs are very functional and kept me cool though out the day.  During this trying time we are all in, working in the medical field these kept me cool and very comfortable though out the day.  They didn't ride up at all but I would like to see these in a longer leg style. I believe that due to material my penis felt like it was held more snug in it's sperate pouch without falling out. I like the print as well I feel it spoke to how cool the material is. 

    More room in the shaft hole

    Dont get me wrong love the design. A little ride up (doable) but the problem is I have a pretty big member with me. And upon "excitement " I find myself with nowhere to go. It would be pretty cool to see a more separatec shaft SLEEVE for us BIGGER guys to fill out when "excited "

    overall great product!

    Overall I would give the new underwear a 4/5. The new material is great. I much prefer it to the old material as I found the old material to be a bit too thin. This new material helps to hide the outline of the penis when wearing thin pants like sweat pants. I found I was unable to wear sweatpants with the old material as you could see the outline of my penis which is frowned upon.

    I feel the sizing changed, however. I have a medium in both the old and new product and the new product is much tighter. Not necessarily a bad thing but some customers might not like it.

    I also think the ball pouch is a bit too high. It should be lower, or more in between the legs. I feel my balls are being pushed forward in the new style and as a result this causes a large bulge when wearing pants. This is not desirable in a professional setting. However, in the bedroom it's great. My wife said she loved them!

    Similarly, I think the penis pouch is a bit too small this time. The style it was a little too big but now it is a bit too small. 

    Also, I must compliment you on the new design! My last feedback was for some patterns and you guys delivered! I love the floral design. Future designs could include geometric patterns similar to ""Pair of Thieves"" underwear.

    Again, overall great product! I think if you adjusted the placement of the ball pouch and gave a little more room in the penis pouch, they would be perfect!