Silk Touch 3D Single Ball Pouch Colorful Bamboo Rayon Open Fly Boxer Briefs 7 Pack

Soft Assorted Colors


  • Front Open Breathable 3D Single Ball Pouch Design - The front open 3D U-shaped pouch design, combined with breathable mesh, keeps your 'man parts' stable, providing a friction-free and comfortable experience.

  • Conforms To The Body's Ergonomic Needs - Seamless and smooth design to prevent irritation. It allows for free movement. The back of the underwear is flat and fits snugly against the skin, perfectly eliminating pinching and binding sensations.

  • Allows Room For Your Equipment Without Any Binding Or Squeezing - The comfort of the 3D pouch is just as good as the Dual Pouch with less effort because you don’t need to guide your third leg through the internal pouch hole.

Note: The 3D Single Ball Pouch is a Single Pouch design, NOT a Dual Pouch design. And the fly is just an open fly, without a fly that is in a dual pouch design.

  • Ultimate Cooling Softness and Breathable Comfort - FSC-certified bamboo rayon fabric features natural temperature-regulating properties, keeping you cool and relaxed at all times, providing year-round comfort. It also has moisture-wicking properties, making it highly suitable for individuals with sensitive skin. Choosing bamboo fiber is choosing the ultimate luxurious softness.

  • Ultra-Comfortable & Perfect Fit - Tagless design, no riding up, wide and elastic waistband that doesn't pinch the stomach or come undone. The high-quality waistband retains its elasticity even after numerous clothes, washings, and dries. It's the ideal present for a husband, brother, or boyfriend.

  • Inseam: 6.5"


Fabric: 95% Bamboo Rayon, 5% Spandex

!! Due to the frequent upgrading of fabrics, the ratio of ingredients is for reference only. !!


Gentle cycle with cold water in machine wash/ Hand wash.

Difference between 3D Mesh Pouch and Dual Pouch:

Difference between 3D Mesh Pouch and Dual Pouch:

Some feedback from our customers is that the Dual Pouch design is more suitable for "Showers". And our 3D Mesh Pouch design is suitable for both two types.

"Showers" are people whose penises are almost the same length or have a little difference when they're soft (flaccid) or hard (erect).
"Growers" are people whose penises get significantly longer and sometimes wider when erect.


Whether you are a "Grower" or a "Shower",  just please feel free to try our 3D Mesh Pouch design.

Suitable for:

Suitable for: