Dynamic Bamboo Rayon Boxer Briefs 3 Pack

Black Iris/Stretch Limo/Monument
Stretch Limo
  • Made from natural bamboo rayon, it's soft, breathable, natural, and comfortable.
  • The side seam sporty double line design, combined with the sports series waistband logo, is fashionable and dynamic.
  • 3D space increased with the Pouch design extension, will provide better wrapping, solve the problems caused by oppression, displacement, and crotch jamming, make every movement easy and free.
  • Innovative sewing technology is adopted to make the internal suture more fluffy, reduce stitching and solve the pressure caused by friction
  • Free from pressure and tightness by using the high elastic soft waistband.
  • Wrapping space extends, making it more comfortable by friction reduction. By extending the leg wrapping space, wrap the buttocks and thighs in an all-around way, reduce friction and provide a comfortable movement.
  • Inseam: 6.5"
  • Fabric: 95% bamboo rayon + 5% spandex
  • !! Due to the frequent upgrading of fabrics, the ratio of ingredients is for reference only. !!