Quick Dry 9.5 Inch Cool Mesh Sports Boxer Briefs 2 Pack

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  • 91% Polyamide + 9% Spandex
  • Patented dual pouch technology
  • Additional crotch panel
  • Super fast dry breathable moisture-wicking mesh stretch fabric
  • Extra window panels make it easier to answer nature calls
  • Stylish contrast color design with 9.5 inch never ride up legs
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Size Guide

     Size Waist
    S 28-30''
    M 32-34''
    L 36-38''
    XL 40-42''
    Height: 6'1''. Waist: 33''.
    Model is wearing a size Medium.


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    Oh my gosh! Oh my Gosh! Oh my GOSH!!!

    This is a message I just sent to Tani Underwear...

    I just received the package. This is going to sound like TMI, but is important for your development team.
    I like to be clean shaven down low and I had just done some landscaping and took a shower. Since the underwear came in I figured, why not. I had just worn Seperatek to a campout and they kept everything separated wonderfully. I put the Tani's on and the fabric felt great. Had I not been clean shaven it might have been better, but there was no separation between all appendages and it was a sticky situation. I also noticed some frayed or loose strings at the bottom of the legs. I was about to drive from Savannah to Atlanta and didn't want to be sticky, so I put my second pair of Seperateks on and eveything was separated nicely. This was the feel I was looking for in my new underwear.

    I would like to return the Tani Underwear if I could...or get a refund. They are not as comfortable as I thought they would be and the quality wasn't what I thought it would be as well.

    What is my next step?...

    Back to Separatek.... Oh my gosh. Wonderfulness.
    Everything is ...as the name states...separated. I almost forgot I had underwear on while driving 4 hours. No heat, no stickiness, no adjustments. Wow.
    Now to make your product better. Please make a solid black and solid white long boxer brief options. I would make these my primary underwear. With the solid black and white.
    I will be ordering more.


    Best of the three pairs I’ve tried. The longer leg doesn’t bunch like shorter boxer briefs.

    Nothing Else Compares!

    After receiving my initial 3 pairs of separatec underwear, I immediately ordered 4 more pair. I’ll be getting more soon. These are amazing! Nothing else is even remotely as comfortable as these are. Do yourself a favor and try them, you’ll be glad you did

    Great support for workouts

    Nice at keeping things in their place while the sweat is poring

    great concept

    I have purchased other brands which offer a natural pouch to support and separate genitalia from the legs successfully. I saw your product and was intrigued. Good design, good materials and construction. keeping the penis and testicles great thought, one caveat not quite enough room for the twins, just a little more generous pouch would be good.

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