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Yes! We reconstructed the men's underwear.


Welcome to a new level of comfort, performance and style-Separatec's unique Dual Pouch Technology keeps your intimate areas separated while delivering maximum comfort and freedom of movement.


Front Pouch

The large front pouch provides extra room, while the window panel construction sustains a dry fresh environment throughout the day.


Support Pouch

The lower pouch provides support, and it helps to eliminate skin on skin heat build-up and maintains a positive airflow.


Say Goodbye to Outdated Undergarments

Conventional underwear gives little thought to a man's natural form. This can be uncomfortable, annoying and downright painful at times. With such little consideration to design and function, it's no more helpful than a fig leaf.

Relaxed Fit Styles - Discomfort 

Choose underwear too loose, and you can be uncomfortable or experience pain due to the influence of gravity. This can even cause varicocele.

Tighter Fit Styles - Stickiness

Others may choose underwear that's too tight look for lift, or simply to not feel so loose. They flatten you inside, and after a while, this leaves you feeling sticky and wet, causing the need for embarrassing adjustments because there is so little space.

Either Style - Fungal Problems

Friction is the enemy whether you choose relaxed or tight fit styles. Underwear not offering freedom of natural movement causes friction creating heat buildup. This hot and moist creates the perfect environment for fungal growth forcing you to experiment with creams, lotions and powders to solve.

Size Guide
 Size Waist
S 28-30''
M 32-34''
L 36-38''
XL 40-42''




Height: 6'1''. Waist: 33''.
Model is wearing a size Medium.