Soft Bamboo Rayon Breathable Stylish Briefs 3Pack

Size Guide


  • 95% Bamboo Rayon + 5% Spandex
  • Patented dual pouch technology
  • Additional crotch panel
  • Stylish contrast color design
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Size Guide

     Size Waist
    S 28-30''
    M 32-34''
    L 36-38''
    XL 40-42''
    Height: 6'1''. Waist: 33''.
    Model is wearing a size Medium.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 370 reviews
    Unhappy bigger man

    I don't think your company did enough research on consumers and variety of body types. But your underwear must be wired up high, pulled up to cover the lower abdomen and the lower back. That's the only way our man parts will fit through the hole. But, us bigger men with a belly, cannot wear out underwear so high. It must be low. And when it's worn low throughout the day the underwear sag and drop down. Man parts are no longer able to be inside the hole and there's so much material all over the place. The briefs ended up covering my legs like boxer briefs. I hate the feel of underwear down on my thighs. There are those of us that prefer low rise waist and high cut thighs.You should try these underwear on larger men. Like your consumers for example. Not just some size s.all skinny muscular twinkie boys.

    An End to the Suffering

    I have tried every type and style of underwear I could possibly get my hands on over my last 38 years to stop the testicular pain and groin discomfort. Eventually I just gave up and went commando thinking that would solve the problem. Unfortunately, the constant adjustments continued and the sticky sac to leg experience continued. These underwear eliminate all of that...I don't wear them like you're suppose to, I pull everything through the hole instead of using the two 'pouches' but it's seriously like I'm not wearing anything at all! No discomfort, I don't even think about it anymore and don't realize it until the end of the day. I have literally been telling everyone I know about's the way underwear should have been all did it take so long for humanity to figure this out??!?!?

    Wish the trunks were this low rise

    Great! True to marketing. Just with they made these in Trunk cut with the same or even lower rise.

    Tommy John can suck it!

    I love love your underwear! I was a tommy john guy until I discovered your product. Now I will never wear anything but speratec! After going commando for the first 45 years of my life I figured it was time to grow up and put on some underwear, which happened to be tommy john but they wear out way to fast for the piece point! Luckily I found your amazing product and my cock and ball have never been happier! Or less sweaty and stuck to one another. Cudos to you your design team for such an amazing product.

    Super comfortable, I'm throwing out all my old stuff!

    New and innovating, this underwear is super comfortable. Its amazing to think the design of men’s underwear hasn’t changed in generations. Finally!