Ultra Soft Comfy Supima Cotton Boxer Briefs 3Pack

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  • 96% Supima Cotton + 4% Spandex
  • Patented dual pouch technology
  • Additional crotch panel
  • High-end supima cotton rib fabric with stylish durable waistband
  • Extra window panels make it easier to answer nature calls
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Size Guide

     Size Waist
    S 28-30''
    M 32-34''
    L 36-38''
    XL 40-42''
    Height: 6'1''. Waist: 33''.
    Model is wearing a size Medium

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    Review for the 'average' guy

    This review isn't to share too much information, but to be informative for the average guy. I've read several reviews on here stating that Separatec are for the larger endowed man, and not for smaller penises. I fall into the average category (as the internet classifies the North American Male), however when flaccid I'm more on the smaller side - grower, not show-er. That being said, I really like this underwear. It keeps its form. They are constructed well and the material seems like it's good quality. It does support well. And my wife said she likes the way it puts the little guy front and center. On occasion I have popped back into the penis hole, leaving me to adjust, or wait until the next restroom visit. They are still comfortable. Recommendations for Separtec: you could offer a more universal solution by providing a gusseted slit, rather than a large hole. The hole also seems a bit high, and the scrotum area a bit small - unless you're intentions are to keep the scrotum lifted up high to the body. With these suggestions in place, regardless, I'm still going to be ordering another 3 pack, as when I don't have a clean pair of Separatec and have to resort back to my Lucky brand undies, the lil guy gets sad. I give 5 stars. P.S.

    I absolutely love em; my penis is happy too-balls too

    I’ve been looking for a glory hole for a long time & now I have my own in my underwear!!

    Who knew there would be new technology in underwear?

    Here I was minding my own business while some genius was sitting in a dark corner thinking, underwear just isn't good enough. And so this genius invented Separatec underwear. The technological break through of keeping the twig apart from the berries changes your day. What a refreshing change. Thank goodness for innovators like you Separatec.


    They are so comfortable and they also make me want to have sex more often. I think it's the hole you put you penis through as it runs in all the right places.

    Geared more towards show'rs, not grow'rs.

    I ordered the Large because I'm a 38" waist. My testicles tend to stay up instead of low hanging so the testicle pouch doesn't do much good for me. Also, because I don't show much in the flaccid state, it's easy to fall out of the hole. I wish they had two options for each size based on whether you show or grow, with the grow option having a slightly smaller hole placed at the upper edge of the current hole diameter and with the testicle pouch stitched higher.