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What Kind of Underwear Won’t Give You A Wedgie?

August 14, 2018 1 Comment

Separatec two pouch underwear

How to find the right kind of underwear that guarantees you don’t get a single wedgie and avoid re-adjusting all day long?


  • Generous Cut:

The style and cut of the underwear is one of the important reason why underwear have wedgies. A pair that sits low on the hips is harder to ride up than a bikini. Separatec’s underwear is cut specifically, the leg openings are generous and not tight at all. Different from the average underwear, Separatec’s avoid pulling and pitching, which lay flatter and smoother on the body.

Separatec two pouch underwear


  • Synthetic fabric:

In comparison to the cotton undies, synthetic fabrics have less concerns about bunching. Because the synthetic fabric has a more inherent stretch and better recovery. If you wear the underwear with the flexible synthetic fabrics, you will completely avoid wedgies, just because the fabric could move and flex with the movement of your body.

  Separatec fabric


  • Check the sizing charts:

The size too small or too big are also caused the wedgies. When underwear fits too small, it is pulled too tightly across your body, and then everything tends to shift more with any slight movement, creating uncomfortable bunching and riding, and ultimately, what you have come to know as a wedgie.

So it is incredibly important that you are purchasing the right size, because ill-fitting underwear is the first cause of wedgies. In this case, you may need to size up to eliminate the wedgie effect. But Just like every footwear brand has a different fit, every men’s underwear brand does as well. Following is the Separatec’s size guide, the sizes are depended on the waistline, for example, if your waist is 30'', size S is suitable for you.

  Separatec underwear's size guide

In the end, buying a pair of underwear that won’t give you wedgies is all up to you. Make sure to check the sizing charts, look for a synthetic fabric that will move with you, and look for a generous cut. I mean, the most common reason wedgies occur is because the underwear is old, so treat yourself with a new pair of comfy undies from Separatec and completely avoid ever having a wedgie again.


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Graham Bliss
Graham Bliss

November 09, 2018

I have just purchased Separatec Genuwin bamboo trunks and they are amazing. So light and cool. It’s a wonderful experience to be able to wear them. I’m looking forward to my next purchase.

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Size Guide
 Size Waist
S 28-30''
M 32-34''
L 36-38''
XL 40-42''




Height: 6'1''. Waist: 33''.
Model is wearing a size Medium.