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Latest Customer Reviews on Trust Pilot

May 04, 2018 2 min read

To all the customers we’ve met and the customers we’re going to meet, to help you have better judgements on our products, we’ll keep sharing feedback reviews from Trust Pilot. For the good reviews, we are grateful for your recognition and supports, we’ll keep providing the best product and best services. For the bad reviews, thank you for your criticism and suggestions, we’ll keep improving and try to make things better.


Our first review is left by Kevin. After a comparison with other brands, Kevin gives us a 5 star review. Thank you for your recognition Kevin, we’ll keep moving.

Separatec underwear review 1

The second review is from Paul. Product and customer services are good, but the color choices are not very satisfying, so Paul left a 4 star review. It’s a great suggestion and our designer will take more colors into consideration when they’re designing new products.

Separatec underwear review 1

The third review is from Nate. Nate left a 4 star review because the front pouch is not very satisfying. Actually we’ve made a study on American men’s size before we design the pouches. Our latest design will be suitable for 90% customers, but for the rest 10% customers with relatively larger sizes, we’ll suggest a larger size product.

Separatec underwear review 3

Next review is from A.V. Just a simple 5 star review with a recommend suggestion, will you listen to him and give Separatec a try?

Separatec underwear review 4

Then there’s a review from Anthony. After spending thousands of dollars on finding the best underwear, he finally found Separatec two pouch underwear. To save money on selecting products, try Separatec!

Separatec underwear review 5

The latest review is from Steven. One simple sentence, but very satisfied with the products. Thank you for your kind words Steven!

Separatec underwear review 6

Currently we only have 6 feedback reviews on Trust Pilot. But with the fast increasing of customer numbers, there will be more and more reviews on our products. If you have shopped on, welcome to share your shopping and wearing experience. If you are a new customer, welcome to contact us for any product questions!

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