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Tricksy Entrepreneur Florida, USA

March 29, 2016

Tricksy Entrepreneur Florida,  USA

5.0 out of 5 stars Separatec - My Man's New Favorites!

By Tricksyon February 29, 2016

I was assigned the task of purchasing new undies for my husband. What a treat!!! Because I like to do research before I make a purchase, I immediately went to Amazon and carefully looked at the various men's underwear available. Admittedly, my criteria may be a little different from his, but hey - he asked me to do it - so my needs matter! First, I wanted a product that I would like to see him in - no brainer there. My next priority was fabric. Softness, durability, washability. Color selection was important too.

When I came across these underwear, I was intrigued. I had never seen the dual pouch design before. It seems logical to me, but not having the same equipment, I was not sure. However, I thought I would give it a try so I only bought one pair to try them out before going all in. When we received them, my man was a bit skeptical. He looked at them questioningly, but was a good sport. I truly thought I was about to be sent back to the drawing board....

After only one wearing, he was hooked. He asked how many styles and colors do they come in and requested I buy all of them! I didn't go that far, but ordered several colors. He particularly likes the separate pouch design - says it's comfortable, cool and easy to use (you get what I mean). The silicone band inside each leg keeps them from riding up, particularly important when he is golfing in them. But, frankly, it's all he wants to wear both day and night. He says they are the most comfortable briefs he has ever worn. Soft fabric, seamless construction and invisible under clothing. All his other brands could be discarded and he wouldn't miss them a bit!

From my point of view, I love the way he looks in them, they are soft to the touch and wash incredibly well. Overall a hit. I only wonder why someone didn't think of this design long ago!

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